Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: More test data with various settings, noticeable improvement.

Steen Bay wrote:

Still find it a bit confusing. Can the first curtain be 'cocked' before it's closed to prepere the exposure? Or maybe it's just the second curtain that's 'cocked' beforehand?

I tried an analysis of shutter action here

but am not entirely convinced that it is a complete account.

What is reasonably clear is that the "release short" setting cocks and then holds the shutter open electromagnetically in preparation for the next shot by taking a (high noise high vibration)mechanical action immediately after the previous shot rather than at the start of the current shot.  So the current shot can then take place both more quickly and with less vibration.

But what is not clear is why this might reduce shutter shock, since the lower vibrations due to the electromechanical (rather than entirely mechanical) shutter hold are probably finished by the time the next vibration burst occurs, which is the closing of the shutter prior to the release of the first curtain...  These vibrations are in action during the entire time that the shutter is supposedly open for the exposure.

It is easier to see why the 1/8" (or whatever) anti-shock reduces shutter shock. The setting helps by allowing the settling of the shutter closing before the first curtain is released, so that the "only" vibrations affecting the image are due to first curtain release.

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