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just out of curiousity, does K-3 sell good?

I don't think we are privy to that information, I don't think Ricoh discloses specific model sales figures.

Bottom line is it shouldn't matter to a user how well a camera sells.


I think it does matter. No one is going to make good lenses and accessories for a camera that does not sell.

For lenses, it doesn't matter at all. What specific accessory are you interested in?

For me, nothing K-3 specific but its a pity that extension tubes with all the contacts and linkages not readily available. Other people are often commenting of this or that not being made for Pentax cameras.

For lenses, surely it must matter. I seem to recall reading of particular third party lenses being discontinued for Pentax due to lack of sales and many questions of 'when will lens X be made in Pentax mount?'.

jhmos, there are MORE lenses of different sizes and apertures available for the Pentax K-mount than for ANY OTHER CAMERA MOUNT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, PERIOD. In fact, it's possible there are more available than for ALL CURRENT DIGITAL CAMERA MOUNTS COMBINED!

The fact that a tremendous amount of these lenses are on the USED market, and many may even be manual focus has more to do with marketing decisions being made, today, by companies that, perhaps, have decided they simply CANNOT COMPETE with all the EXISTING autofocus lenses available for the K-mount, even if some of them ARE 10-20 years old -- especially since the Pentax CAMERA handles the shake reduction.

I suspect Canon and Nikon (and many of their shooters) are actually JEALOUS of the wealth of lens choices available to Pentax shooters! And Sony and the rest of the latecomers, well... there's no contest! IF this means that these current electronics powerhouses (Sony, in particular, being bigger than all the other companies combined), are exerting some pressure for Sigma and Tamron to include Pentax, Fuji and 4/3 mounts with their new lenses, well, once again all I have to say is... SOUR GRAPES!

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