If Pentax FF is a long shot why not ...

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Re: If Pentax FF is a long shot why not ...

Peter Lacus wrote:

lenses. That's why...

Understandably, CaNikon wants you to believe that FF is the only way to go, because they simply don't have any quality small glass such as Pentax Limiteds or Olympus m.Zuikos (or Fuji primes). Bigger sensor means bigger lenses and there's no way around that (yes, there are exceptions).

About a week ago I've posted a funny comparison between two pictures - one taken with a APS-C Pentax with a Limited prime lens and the other with a m43 Olympus also with a Limited quality prime. Most viewers liked them both equally (as there was hardly any difference) and some even preferred the m43 version because of the deeper DOF, which - in the case of a FF sensor - would be exactly the opposite. So is a FF reallly what you want?

the same thing goes to Pentax. they don't have many FF lenses. if they release a FF body, they also MUST release several high-quality FF lenses AT ONCE just to convince the market. and that means large sum of money!

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