Nothwistanding the Pentax users' s hunger for long tele...

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Re: Nothwistanding the Pentax users' s hunger for long tele... not an issue

garyknrd wrote:

I have two lenses I have been trying to sell on e-bay in Pentax mount.

500mm F4.5 EX DG, 300mm F/2.8 EX DG.

No one interested, ran them twice. 500 mm more than $1000 off new and still in warranty, 300mm more than $1000 off just out of warranty. Beautiful glass.

I don't blame the company's for not making it in Pentax mount. I'll keep them I guess, now that the Pentax K-3 is out. Hopefully I will get some use out of them.

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Presently living in Asia

you are right Gary.. people mourn for many K-mount lenses, but only a few would buy them.

I have a sigma 100-300mm F4 in K mount for sale only for $750, but no one interested so far.

previously I had a sigma 120-400mm for only $600, need almost 4 months before someone grabbed it for $500.

many pentax users I know are only kit lenses users. only a few who owns DA* or the Limiteds. and yet, they mourn for FF!

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