HD DA 1.4X TC photo

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Re: HD DA 1.4X TC photo

awaldram wrote:

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ozdean wrote:

AW, SDM, DC and Screw drive - looks good!

Doesn't look thick enough to contain electronics. Seems pretty close to a normal TC in size. Has anyone tested the old PZ TC, Kenko, Tamron, Promaster, on the K-3 yet, to see if they just work?

Thank you

Be sure,all the electronic stuff is inside the converter.

Every ID is transmitted between camera and lens.

And the nice point should be,the release date means new firmware.

The current Pentax bodys are without any converter ID and logic.

New firmware should bring the autofocus back to most converters

DonĀ“t sell your converters to quick

Best regards

Now that would be awesome and put Ricoh top of my Christmas card list

Though it is difficult to see how a fw update could resolve 3rd party Converter stepping issues as the body would be unaware of the converter attached.

I don't think they will, but they certainly could add an option to the menu that allows selection of shake reduction focal length for non-A lenses. When scrolling out past the end of the focal lengths, simply start listing teleconverter magnifications or even specific teleconverter models. Like I said, doubt they'll do it, but they could if they really, really wanted to. Perhaps for Pentax TCs only...


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