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Re: EXR Confusion? What am I missing...

Trevor G wrote:

RAW 14 has 2 frames and is recorded at ISO3200. The matching JPG is relatively noisy.

This is a 12 mp HR image, not a SN image. This is why it's noisier.

RAW 16 has one frame and is recorded with identical exposure parameters to RAW 14. The matching JPEG (the ooc JPEG in both cases) is less noisy than image 14.

This is a SN image where both sensor halves have been combined in-camera before the raw file was written. You may remember from old discussions that this happens at certain settings. Here is what I dug out of my old article:

"Shooting "RAW + JPG" in M size at ISO at least double as high as DR leads to RAW file size being cut in half in size (does not happen with "RAW" only), from 18 mb to 10 mb. More important, this leads to SN pixel-binning happening inside the camera before RAW creation! The difference between pixel-binning inside the camera vs. inside the raw software is that the automatically applied curves to shadows and mids differ and thus the ranges/behavior to changes in the raw software is different (same value have vastly different outcome)."

How do we get 2 frames at ISO3200? SN is a part of EXR Mode, which does not have RAW output on the X10.

Yes, you can have SN and EXR DR raw files with both frames inside the raw file. As (I think) you know you can use RawDigger to extract each frame separately. In you example you've got a 12 mp HR file, though, so you need to look for another example.

The in-camera view often shows things which are not available from the EXIF. I'm interested to see what mode was used.

Fujifilm EXIF data is very extensive and complete. You need to use a proper exiftool (pun intended) to extract all the data.

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