EXR Confusion not fully resolved

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Re: Will EXR Confusion ever be fully resolved?

Trevor G wrote:

I originally believed that Fuji did the combining at pixel/sensor element level, not at the processed image level.

It doesn't matter if it happens on sensor level or not. The important part is that the raw data of both sensor halves is combined before demosaicing, regardless of whether it's done in-camera or in raw software. Once both sensor halves have been combined (SN or EXR DR) the resulting raw filter pattern is a standard Bayer pattern and can thus easily be demosaiced.

I was dumbfounded when I found out that they took two exposures and combined them, in-camera, as images.

If by "as images" you imply that the combination happens after demosaicing then you are likely wrong. The whole point of using the special EXR filter pattern is to combine both exposures before demosaicing.

1) That the X10 has more dynamic range (whatever that means) and better IQ than the X20 - it does not.

We should rather talk about camera sensors than cameras here. The X20 has a tendency to underexpose its JPGs and that's very problematic for dynamic range and image quality, so on camera level the X10 may regularly get better IQ even with worse sensor. In essence I have seen images at DR 100 that were exposed and processed by the X20 as if higher DR was set up. As a result the shadows and mids were noisy and blurred away by noise-reduction.

In fact, as far as my previous tests showed, the X20 at DR100 approximately matches the X10 at DR200, and the X20 at DR200 gets very close to approximately matching the X10 at DR400.

It's not entirely unexpected that the more recent sensor (tech) does better than the old one, especially as the X20 uses backside illumination. Even my Panasonic LF1 with slightly smaller (backside illuminated) 1/1.7" sensor competes well with the X10's older sensor design.

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