Comparing Olympus 4/3lenses to FX "Full Frame" offerings

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Re: Wrong

Tiger1 wrote:

What he states if “Thus each pixel of the output image from FF sensor represents four times the number of photons as that made from a FT sensor, assuming the same exposure (f-number, shutter speed and scene luminance)”

Stupefied down, If we view a FF image at 16mp output and compare it to FT image of equal output each pixel will contain 4 time more light information than the FT image

So he knows the photon capture efficiency of each photosite in aFF vs a FT sensor?

Funny you should say that:


Glad you're impressed.

Were did he get that information from?

The raw data from DxOmark, it needs some processiing to calculate the efficiency.

To know the output representation from the pixel you must know the capture efficiency of each photosite. Agree?

I think most manufacturers will try to get the efficiency of each 'photosite' in each of the Bayer submatrices the same, otherwise there will be a lot of pattern noise on the sensor.

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