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The extra megapixels were part of the cost of the new camera. It provides better image quality than the D4 or the new Df. The 16MP of the Df are enough most of the time but the price tag of the Df is much too high.

The D610 would be the better choice for someone wanting a full frame camera but with full frame the camera costs twice as much (compare the $1100 D7100's capabilities) and the lenses will cost twice as much in most cases and weigh twice as much as well.

The FX lenses also provide superior image quality on a DX camera and this is something that should be common knowledge. The DXOmark score for the newish 18-35mm f3.5 zoom lens on the D7100 is 28, on the D800 it is 26, and on the D610 it is 25.

With the Nikon 17-55mm f2.8 and the Sigma 50-150mm II (non-OS) zoom on a DX camera I was golden with the focal length range of 24-225mm at f2.8 at all focal lengths and with very good to excellent image quality and fast autofocus in low light. Add a SB-700 or similar flash and you are set.

It takes a FX camera to get the benefit of the 14-24mm f2.8 zoom and the 24mm PC-E 20 lenses and that is my primary reason for owning the D800e camera (and the D3 cameras before it).

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