Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

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Re: Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

NathanCrisman wrote:

THANK YOU! I'm basically down to Gx7 vs G6 now. I like the fotodiox grip on my V1, so the G6 would likely be a better ergonomic match. I'm basically pouring through both user manuals to make sure all the features, settings, and options are basically the same.

i may juat sell off all my Nikon 1 gear ASAP and sit on he cash until I can get into NYC to visit B&H and experiment with the pano bodies in person to see which I like better.

The GX7 has IBIS, useful for some of the best lenses you can get which don't have OIS. You can also get some cheap addon grips for the GX7. I know they might not be as good as a standard grip (1 of my only 2 complaints about the camera) but it may close the gap enough to not bother you. The GX7 has 1/8000 max SS, and a faster flash sync, 1/160 vs 1/320. GX7 has a newer sensor, and a few cool features like stop motion (dont think the G6 has it). Other than the grip ergonomics and perhaps more adjustable LCD, the GX7 is superior.

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