Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor.

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Re: A7R has similar issue w/FE35

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This issue is not just on the A7. I've seen it on A7R, though only when shooting direct into sun with a lot of snow. Here is an example taken at F20, though I still at issues as low as f7.1, just not as pronounced.

For me it's not an issue - I've taken more than 1,000 shots and this is the only time I've seen an issue with this combo.


What the...who shoots at f/20? Might as well get a pinhole camera for all the quality you'll get at f/20.

Agree! I was trying to get a starburst pattern out of the sun and see how bad the lens flared (by the way, any other lens I've shot this way has been horrible for flare). Added benefit was I found some dust spots which ended up actually being on the back of the lens. I did take similar shots at wider apertures (down to f7.1) and still noticed the flare so guess I won't be using this combo to take pictures straight into the sun on snowy days

I absolutely love the A7R/FE35 combo - it is by far the best setup I've ever shot with; not perfect, but for me, pretty close.


I would try different angles of entry for the light source. When straight on, the reflections will be on the same axis of the light source.

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