Indian Mototcycle

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Re: Indian Mototcycle

Basalite wrote:

Doesn't help reduce the idiot drivers and poor roads. I learned how to ride motorcycles before I learned how to drive a car and it didn't take me long to realize my life expectancy would be greatly increased if I stuck to cars.

Hey, by all accounts I should be dead (a 40 MPH run in with a deer usually does that to people).  Doesn't stop me from continuing to do what I love so who needs "safe"?  "Safe" certainly isn't riding in a screaming metal box at 80 MPH with the lunatics and uneducated morons that they give driver's licenses to nowadays; no skills, under delusions that they have them and distracted by cell phones, drink holders, loud music, conversations, puking children and touchscreen GPS.  It is just as dangerous in the box as it is on a bike right along side them.

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