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K E Hoffman wrote:

webrunner5 wrote:

If the OP really thinks a cropped frame camera is going to beat a full frame camera for IQ then there can be no hope for him.

If you think FRAME SIZE is the only thing that affects IQ... then there is no hope for you..

The Mirrorless cameras offer a great alternative for many people.. but they lack especially in the area of AF... And an in focus APC shot will beat an out of focus FF shot every time for IQ...

Keep in mind the more we go over the review.. the more problems it has. I treats the reviewers confusion with the camera (RTFM) as design flaws. the evidently even though the setting to use the EVF in a studio strobe situations has been part of every SLT after the A55.. failed to find it for a while and got frustrated with their own lack of understanding in getting back EVF / LCD previews.. and then blamed the camera for that.. Really?

It also has to do with a totally different view of the JPG engine, then other review sites some of this may be DPRs insistence that people who buy spend over $2000 on a camera.. NEVER CHANGE THE SETTINGS, SO DEFAULT is the only thing they compare.. right down to assuming some sharpening artifacts in JPG will be fixed in Firmware.. when there is a setting on the camera now that lets you reduce sharpening.. OUCH!

DPR does a good review.. bit they never put the work into a review some other sites do and they put more work than others..

BUT.. a mirrorless system using similar technologies.. AT THIS TIME.. has limitations.

Many of our Canon friends who have chosen to sTroll over and offer thoughtful feedback like you have.. May not understand the context.

The "I need a new camera every 6 months" nervous nellies on this forum.. think every e-mount offering means their mount is dead... and some of us get tired of it.. so I think he was putting some Irony on the idea that the A7 is no replacement for even his A77 is so many ways.. but some of that is the way the review was written.

Me thinks you are clueless.

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