Which Compact Digital Camera for Low Light??

Started Jan 26, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Which Compact Digital Camera for Low Light??

Well, by far best performance will by a Sony RX1. Most likely, it will do better than your dSLR. You probably can't afford an RX1. Your next best bet is a Sony RX100II, followed by RX100 (both of which will be competitive with a dSLR with kit lens), followed by Canon G1X. After that comes the Panasonic LX7. Next is a whole slew of models, but the Canon S120 and kin do quite well. From there on down are the consumer Canons -- with them, the key thing to look for is aperture (the numbers like: f/3.3-6.1. Smaller is better).

Low light comes down to sensor size, lens aperture, stabilization, and to some extent, sensor technology. Image stabilization is useful as well if you're limited by blur from moving the camera, but doesn't help with moving subjects.

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