Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

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Re: Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

NathanCrisman wrote:

Iv been looking more and more at the panasonic GX7, G6, or the EM5. (EM1 being simply too expensive). While I do like my Nikon V1 kit (6.7-13, 10, 10-30, 30-110, 18.5) for it's bulk/weight, I still yearn for all the control and ergonomic fixes that most V1 owners gripe about. IMHO image quality is excellent on the V1, so any improvement going to M4/3 is welcome, but not a consideration in the decision.

I'm looking with contempt at the panasonic 8mm fisheye, wishing nikon would put out a native CX fish (never happen). When I was DX nikon..the 10.5mm fisheye was a go-to lens for me?

I use the Samyang 7.5mm which is excellent and much cheaper. By all accounts the Panasonic lens is excellent if you have the money to spend on it. I do like the fact it has a filter holder in the back.

does the touchscreen work well to move focus points quickly while using the EVF?......IMHO the v1's method is annoying And fiddley using the tiny 4 way buttons, and the center button doesn't reset it to middle.

I've never tried to use it like this. I think your nose would get in the way. I just use the four way buttons. You can set a button to return the focusing point to a particular location/setting.

can the EVF and LCD be set to show WYSIWYG exposure? off auto gain on the screens. I want to look in the viewfinder and see the actual exposure and resultant capture.

Yes, there is an option for auto gain that can be disabled. The screen never goes completely black or white, but I think that behavior is a good thing.

Auto ISO Adjustable limits, logical use in M mode, display of chosen value in EVF? ISO on a mechanical button would be awesome too Rather than menu only.

I don't use it much, but you can set upper and lower limits. My issue with auto ISO is generally that I can shoot with a much lower shutter speed that auto ISO would normally choose. (Non-moving subject matter)

live histogram Or even white point clipping Pre-capture?

Yes, always have the white point clipping enabled on the EVF and LCD. You do have to turn this on in the menu settings which can require a bit of searching. You can't get both at the same time. That's on Olympus. I was looking at the GM1 in the store and couldn't get live white clipping, but it had histograms. Not sure if it's missing or I couldn't find it.

Any control for off camera flash. Can the pop-up work as a commander?

It looks like Panasonic has added this to their recent cameras which is great, so yes to both parts. The olympus has the clip on flash for control and the FL600R can work as a commander.

better quality tactile feel of buttons& switches. My V1 has a lot of use, now the power, shutter, and play buttons feel loose. The power button sometimes is unresponsive and needs multiple pushes (Missed shots due to this). The shutter button has lost its "half push" click/stop.

Yes, in general. Some find the E-M5 buttons a little mushy, but they are responsive. I haven't held the V1 series more than a couple minutes.

on the flip side there are a few things I'm sure to be annoyed with in Mu4/3:

slightly bigger lenses in physical size/weight (side effect of bigger sensor). I'm more concerned with weight than bulk.

Yeah, the Nikon 1 is one system that still has a size/weight advantage over m43s. A lot will depend on your particular lens choices.

lens mount bayonet that rotates reverse of nikon (been a nikon guy for decade- old habits die hard)

Nothing you can really do about that. Time to retrain your hands.

do oly/pano zoom and focus rings function in reverse rotation compared to nikon? (Clockwise to zoom FL+)

I don't own a Panasonic zoom, so I'm not sure there. The direction of the focus rings can be setup in the camera. On the lenses were you can pull back the focus ring to enter a manual focus mode (Oly 12mm, 17mm and 12-40mm) you can't change the direction in that mode. (using the same MF mode that works with all lenses is still configurable). Anyway, that probably sounds confusing.

Lens wise, I'm looking at:

8mm fisheye, the 7-14 zoom, the 17 1.8, the 25 1.4, and either the slow tele for now...the 35-100 2.8 later.

This is where you may get yourself into trouble. The 7-14 is wider than your 6.7-13, but it's also a lot bigger and more than twice as heavy. The 25mm f1.4 is a huge lens for a prime in m43s. 3x the weight of your 18.5 f1.8. The 9-18mm zoom and the upcoming 25mm f1.8 Olympus lenses will probably be a much better match for existing kit.

Sounds like you are looking at the GX7 which is an excellent camera. I love my E-M5 cameras, but after using the E-M1 I'm very impressed with all the improvements Oly made. The GX7 probably has a little better control setup than the E-M5. By all accounts the G6 is a great camera, but feels a little cheap compared to some of the higher grade bodies.

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