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Whoops; Like a dumby I posted this in Panasonic compact section yesterday. Mods welcome to removed it

I would really appreciate thoughts from those who have (or had) or have used the panasonic G6

Why did you choose it or didn't buy it?

Yep; seriously thinking about it to replace the Canon 5d11. It looks on paper to be a good mate for the FZ200 with a very similar lay out. Thinking atm of no zooms and only one or two prime lenses

And why replace the 5D? Just don't use it.....was bought as a work camera for need for large wall photos these days......the lumix 200 does all I want although I do like the one camera/one [prime] lens thing. Was thinking about a Fuji x100 but not sure the 35mm only would suit me where as I can add lenses to the G6 system if get carried away.

I returned mine after opening the box and holding the camera. Looks great in images I had seen of it, but the (too) small form factor and cheap construction is what caused me to not even charge the battery. I was hoping for a mini digital Leica R8, and what I got looked and felt like it belonged in a toy store. Just because it wasn't for me doesn't mean it won't be for you or others though.

I have the FZ200 which is about the same size as the G6 so I have an idea what I'm getting. Pitty they have to think all good things have to come in small packages. But we are not part of masses who want too small cameras with too many bells and whistles

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Cheers IanB
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