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Re: EXR Confusion? What am I missing...

I was looking back through my X10 images to see if i could find some SN ones.  Found a folder with images I took right at the beginning, but I am not sure what I actually have.

Here's a dropbox link to the 2 RAWs. They are both M size (from the matching JPEGs).  Note that I labelled them "sn" and "not sn" for my own purposes...


RAW 14 has 2 frames and is recorded at ISO3200.  The matching JPG is relatively noisy.

I might upload the JPEGs also to help.

RAW 16 has one frame and is recorded with identical exposure parameters to RAW 14.  The matching JPEG (the ooc JPEG in both cases) is less noisy than image 14.

How do we get 2 frames at ISO3200? SN is a part of EXR Mode, which does not have RAW output on the X10.

If you are interested in solving the puzzle (I cannot find anything to differentiate the two in a quick check of the EXIF and there is no mention of SN anywhere) feel free to download the files and, if you can, load them onto an SSD card in the correct folder structure and view on your X10.

The in-camera view often shows things which are not available from the EXIF.  I'm interested to see what mode was used.

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