Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: More test data with various settings, noticeable improvement.

Mr Sincere wrote:

eclipsechaser1 wrote:

ok i am still a little confused. The printed text sure does look blurred. However if you look at the wall directly to the left all the detailed texture in the wall looks sharp to me. How can only the paper look blurred? Also the edge of the window frame doesnt look blurred to me. Is it just me seeing this?

As the others mentioned, shutter shock causes vertical double images. If you look at the specs in the window at the right or the wall dimples, you can see they're all vertically elongated. Vertical double images of vertical lines will of course not be noticeable.

Lol there far to small to make any conclusion, they could simply be reflections in the glazing panel.

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