First wedding of the season D800E & DF . What do you think?

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Re: First wedding of the season D800E & DF . What do you think?

In my little experience with the 58mm the lens has easily become my favorite lens. (Especially with DF). I really enjoy shooting this combo.

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Thank you guys! I'm happy you liked this set I'm truly loving the DF with the 58 1.4. its becoming my go to combo. Thanks again.

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I really like your gallery, you are very talented, where do you think the 58 1.4 excels the most during the wedding sequences?, I am interested in this lens, I've seen a lot of great examples so far


Hi Eric,

When I walked into the bride's house in the morning on the day of. I found my self using the DF with the 58 the most... It was snowing and gloomy outside and the house was dimly lit. I have my DF set to black and white and Auto Iso I didn't want my shutter to go anywhere below 1/100s so with that set as my lowest shutter I left my aperture at 1.8 the whole time and didn't worry about the digital noise in my files. The Df excels in that area. Also the portability and light weight allowed me to move around the house from one room to the other without any hassle. I also have the camera set to Quite shutter and I find that very benificial for intimate moments during makeup and getting ready sessions and especially at the church during the ceremony. There is a special thing about the rendering of that lens that is very hard to describe in words. The bokeh for sure is very smooth but that is only one aspect of the lens. It's an incredible portrait lens and I find my self using it more and more since I've gotten it. I personally think you will love the lens. Hopefully you find my input helpful to you.



Making not Taking!

Bill, Thank you for your feedback and sharing your technique, it makes a lot of sense setting the way you did with the DF, it can take a lot of ISO abuse !!, I have the 105 Dc for portraits and is a great lens for that, however, in small rooms, I find myself pined against the wall and running out of distance to get the proper shot, I tried the 85 1.4G and was marginally better ( in terms of bokhe), looking at your examples, is giving me a renewed interest in getting this lens to complement what I have.

Thank you again for your feedback.


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