EXR Confusion not fully resolved

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Re: Will EXR Confusion ever be fully resolved?

photoreddi wrote:

While I've been critical of some of what Trevor has written, if I recall correctly he has reversed himself one or two times on how he thinks that EXR sensors work.

I originally believed that Fuji did the combining at pixel/sensor element level, not at the processed image level.

I was dumbfounded when I found out that they took two exposures and combined them, in-camera, as images.

This isn't said to criticize him because I think that the flexibility to be open to new ideas and the willingness to admit to it is a good thing.

That's a relief!

He also has done some interesting analysis of the timing of the two halves of the EXR DR images in RAW files that show subject movement. But I think that he still hasn't fully sussed it out..

He's not interested in "sussing it out" any more than has been done.  He's more interested in demonstrating graphically (using images) what goes on, and putting some of the more fanciful ideas to the test.

Some of those are:

1) That the X10 has more dynamic range (whatever that means) and better IQ  than the X20 - it does not.

2) That the X10 at DR400 has better highlight retention than the X20 at DR400 - it does not.

In fact, as far as my previous tests showed, the X20 at DR100 approximately matches the X10 at DR200, and the X20 at DR200 gets very close to approximately matching the X10 at DR400.

However, being a bit of a perfectionist I am still considering buying another X10 just to do these last tests properly, and to test out the SN mode which I think I never really tried in my regular, weekly, low-light semi-pro shoot.

When I was shooting the original side-by-side tests of those two cameras in March last year I had no idea just what to expect.  Consequently I had no idea just what range of shots and settings I needed to do.

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