RX100M2: Pre-installed Screen Protector?

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Re: RX100M2: Pre-installed Screen Protector?

LesHoug wrote:

I don't think it's a screen protector you can see on the screen, but the T.F.T coating (Thin-Film-Transistor). If you look this up on Wikipedia, it explains it better than i can. hope this helps.


Ahh, that may be right. Could be some sort of anti-glare or anti-reflection coating.

Sean Nelson wrote:

If it's clear enough for you to use then it's probably a screen protector. Shipping protectors are usually a bit cloudy in my experience. It makes me wonder if you've received an "open box" camera that someone installed a screen protector on...

Can't be an open box though as it was still security sealed and everything was bagged up perfectly. Nothing was out of place. Plus I got it from a very well known respectable local store.

However I'll stick a photo below:

Ignore the top layer with the sharp corner – had a spare sheet of screen protector lying around so I just sliced it to size and stuck it on, though I will probably get rid of it soon as it's terrible!
The middle layer is what I am curious about. It has the very rounded corners and is pretty much perfectly stuck on. It would make sense if this is some sort of a T.F.T. layer as Les was talking about as it does a great job of preventing reflection and glare when inspected under a light.

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