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Re: Looks like jaggies

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

GossCTP wrote:

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

Lifting the shadows it looks as if the HD was ps shopped in and pixel noise has been smeared and with funny colors looks that look different from the rest of the photo

If you look around all the letters, there are a lot of jaggies from low quality compression. The mottled color around the hd appears to be from the jaggies. It isn't as noticeable on the other letters because they are black and white spilling over onto dark gray. If it were fake, more than the "HD" would have had to been added, as there has never been a DA teleconverter, nor a WR one. The thing that made me suspicious of it was the lack of Ricoh branding.

There shouldn't be any Ricoh branding on the rear converter, just like there isn't any on the HD Pentax lenses.

There is no reason to doubt this image.

I imagine it is a rebranded TC from one of the usual suspects. Time will tell if it works any better than the others. The only thing that is certain is that it will cost at least 2x what the others sold for.

That's highly doubtful, because:

1. we know as a fact that Pentax was working since years ago on a rear converter

2. none of the 3rd-party teleconverters are suitable; they all have serious issues with focusing/SR

And the price will obviously be in line with OEM teleconverters.


By the looks of it, the whole left side has had some serious ps with the smearing and the odd colorcast. It looks like they had to completely make the left hand side of the image. Just at a quick glance of pentax lenses it looks like they might have used a 18-270 as a base image to manufacture the one you see here.

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To my eyes it looks like sharpening around a high contrast lettering situation, white letters set against a black background often produces this especially when compressed.

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