D800 Autofocus issues II

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Re: While raising the same issue yet again does little

olyflyer wrote:

Photo Pete wrote:

primeshooter wrote:

I wish I were one of the lucky ones. However, doesn't mean it is very real for many of us. Simply far too much smoke and noise about this issue for it to only exist on a couple of cameras.

I would have more sympathy with you raising the issue yet again if you posted a sample image (which does not need to be large) demonstrating an AF fault using AF sensibly.

As of now I make it 162 out of 162 posted images on this forum indicating they were not using AF sensibly.

If the issue existed in more than 1 or 2 cameras where are the examples showing this using sensible testing?


How many posts have you seen which demonstrate the fault doesn't exist using sensible testing?

...and how exactly should one demonstrate that?

Are you driving your car to a mechanic just to demonstrate that you are not having issues with it or you do it when there is a problem and you let them find the exact cause and let them fix it?

Or... if your car breaks down on the highway and everyone with the same type of car just passing you then you shout after them that "BEWARE, everyone has this issue you can't drive that car"?

Why  are you talking about cars in a thread about Focus on a D800?

There is a lot of aggression towards people who are having problems with focus on the D800. Leonard has pointed out that no-one has demonstrated the faults by using sensible testing... as if that is a problem with their understanding or skill. I am simply pointing out that, using the same criteria, no-one has demonstrated that their cameras work correctly either. Surely if the cameras work correctly that wouldn't be a problem would it?

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