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Here's The "Party Trick" Explained

photoreddi wrote:

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photoreddi wrote:

If not, I probably was conflating you and Trevor. Speaking of whom, I wonder if you agree with his opinion that EXR sensors have no more dynamic range than non-EXR sensors, even when EXR DR mode is considered?

Is that what Trevor says that EXR DR does not provide more dynamic range over non EXR sensor of *same* size?

Yes. He calls EXR DR mode a "party trick".

I originally said, and am happy to repeat it here, that the EXR sensor has no more inherent dynamic range than any other sensor.

In M size (EXR Hardware):

By splitting it (the sensor) in two and taking two simultaneous but different-duration exposures using the two discrete "half sensors" and then combining them in-camera in the same sort of way that HDR images are produced, Fuji achieve a much greater (2EV) highlight retention ability than a standard sensor.

In that way it's a "party trick" in that you can get the same result by taking two separate exposures, 2EV apart, and combining them later on in HDR software.

In L size or in M size when ISO = DR or is greater (EXR Processing or EXR Software):

By setting ISO higher Fuji (like many others) use ISO amplification and curves-type manipulation to produce an in-camera RAW or ooc JPEG with greater highlight retention, at the cost of greater noise.

You can achieve exactly the same result by shooting at ISO100 and DR100 and under-exposing the image by 1EV (DR200) or 2EV (DR400) and then lifting the resulting image by 2EV or whatever is required in post processing.

EXR Processing is also, probably more so, a "party trick".  I didn't invent the term - I'm just calling it as it is, in here.

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