Comparing Olympus 4/3lenses to FX "Full Frame" offerings

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bobn2 wrote:

That is a circular argument, since ISO is defined by exposure. Same ISO, same exposure but four times as much light on the FF sensor, four times as many photons, twice the SNR. It's that simple.

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The surface area is four times bigger Bob so what each unit area "sees" is the same amount of photons regardless the format.  Hence the SAME SNR.

The fact that smaller sensors tend to have smaller photosites so they can have the same number as larger sensors is what determines noise characteristics. That is why their SNR is inferior.  Nothing to do with format.  I'll even give you an example to prove this.  Imagine you were able to take a Nikon Df chip and cut it into a 4/3 sensor and then put it into a 4/3 camera.  The resulting image would only be 4MP but its noise and low light performance would be identical to the Df at 100% viewing of their pixels.


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