Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

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Re: Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!


You and I are in nearly identical positions, except for this: I've already purchased a G6 with two kit lenses (at the Black Friday prices).  It was an exploration into m4/3 because of my very pleased experiences with the V1 system, but, yet, disappointed experiences in some handling issues, lack of features, and predominately Nikon's seeming abandonment of any further "enthusiast" styled V3.  So, perhaps my experience will answer some of your questions.

Firstly, is the G6 a good camera?  Absolutely.

Are the lenses as good as the V1's?  Absolutely.  In fact, the smaller kit lens out-performs the V1 kit lens, which is/was the weakest of all the V1 lenses.

The focus point can be changed much more quickly via the touchscreen of the G6.  I configure fn7 (a touchscreen button) as the button to engage a change in focus point.  A touch there, a touch on the point to focus, a touch to set and it's done.  For me, it's done while looking at the touchscreen, not through the EVF.  Works very well.

Regarding EVF gain:  In "normal" light, the EVF gives a good indication of overall exposure, changing with +/- exposure settings.  Much better than the V1.  Plus, a live histogram of luminance can be placed permanently (lower left corner on my EVF & rear screen) which, combined with the overall view, gives a superb indication of exposure.  In a dim-light situation, gain is applied to the EVF...I have not found a way to turn it off...but I like that it's easier to view a scene in a dark room while the histogram keeps me appraised of over/under exposure problems.  After exposure, a button press brings up a 4-color histogram review of the shot taken if you are really critical.  Unlike the V1, you can also use burst mode to auto-bracket (!) and a toggle switch right behind the shutter enables easy +/- exposure compensation viewable in the EVF.  Way superior control compared to V1.  The V3, if it ever comes, should have these features....must have similar be competitive.

I'm sorry, but for some inane reason, Panasonic does not allow auto-ISO with 'M' mode.  I use it in video mode with the V1 and do miss it on the G6.  Instead, I rely on 'S' mode with the G6 in video.  Small price to pay for all the other advantages.

Regarding a button for ISO rather than menus:  The G6 has a total of 7 configurable buttons with an infinite way of configuring the camera the way YOU want it.  Additionally, it has 4 settings which allow you to configure the camera for specific purposes and by selecting one of them, ALL the preferred settings are made automatically each time you start the camera with that setting.  Change any of them at will, shut the camera 'off', restart and all default settings return.  Just the opposite of 'A', 'S', etc. modes which retain any changes made when the camera is shut off and restarted.  Also, any position you had in the menu will be retained after the menu closes and is re-opened.  Give that some thought.  With time spent configuring one's camera, the G6 is an incredible tool for intuitive use besting any other camera I've had the good fortune to use.

Can't comment regarding "commander mode", though it's nice having a built in flash and a "real" flash bracket for a powerful external flash which the V1 lacks.

Regarding lens size/weight the difference is negligible.  Truly, a non-issue.  The kit lenses, especially, are nearly the same overall size and weight.

As for 4:3 vs 3:2, it's personal, but I prefer 4:3 since I print mostly 8"x10" and 13"x17".

In summary, the G6 feels slightly lighter, slightly larger but more comfortable to hold, lacks some of the irritations of the V1 such as the automatic image review (which the V2 also cures) and offers way more features and configuration ability, with greater lens selection and an upward path to upgrade in the future whether "range-finder" or "DSLR" style is to your liking.

While I truly like my V1 kit, were I to start anew in the mirrorless market, it would be difficult (if not impossible) for me to make an argument for the N1 system if the current choice for cameras never includes a V3 with features the G6 already offers.

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