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Joel Stern
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Re: So does the GX7 have an AA filter, I thought not

Anders W wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

I remember threads from 2 weeks ago on this... So what is the answer?

To my knowledge, there is no official statement from Panasonic that it does not have an AA filter (as one would expect if it had actually been removed). Optyczne.pl (the Polish version of Lenstip) draws the conclusion from their testing that it has an AA which may be slightly weaker than in earlier Panasonics but slightly stronger than that in the E-P5. That it has an AA of some kind is also the conclusion I draw after comparing it with the AA-less E-M1 based on the reviews here on DPR. Both show some color moiré but the E-M1 a bit more so.

I called Panasonic sonic and the say No, but to me the images say Yes.

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