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Re: Is photosite size that relevant any more?

DRB in NM wrote:

TrapperJohn wrote:

Back in the E1/E500 days, there was a marked difference between their output, and that of, say, the Canon 5D, under most circumstances.

Today, if you put the EM5 or EM1 up against the best FF, the noise advantage doesn't really become visible until ISO6400, and even then, it's not a huge difference. Not like it was in the mid 2000's.

What has happened in the intervening years is - sensor tech has improved a lot. What that has resulted in is bringing the 4/3 sensor more on a par with the larger ones, when used under typical photo circumstances. Both sensors got better, but you have to be really pushing things to see a substantial difference, in the year 2014.

So while it's easy to say 'bigger is better', that does not quantify how much better, or under what circumstances it will be better. That is contingent upon the state of the art of sensor tech, and the situation that the sensor is being used.

There really aren't any absolutes. MF should be better than FF, but for a variety of reasons, some technical, some practical, it isn't as good.

By today's standards, the 'difference' in terms of noise between 4/3 and FF, isn't nearly the factor it once was.

+1. It does seem that the larger pixels don't exhibit the noise advantage that they used to have. I imagine that pixel efficiency is getting so good that something else is contributing more to the noise (e.g., connecting metal line length/size in the sensor IC??? FF sensor=longer lines=more resistance=more noise???). I dunno. Maybe I'll ponder it some more.... Nah. I think I'll just go out and take some pictures:-)

The truth is that the pixel size argument was always nonsense. Nothing has changed.

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