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This is not a G6 problem, arounomaha, it is your use of the camera

Apart from the fact that taking worthless images of near stationary objects using long lenses from a moving car is kind of bizarre, you could have generated this problem with ANY mechanical focal plane shutter camera -- and you could have removed it from your shooting with the G6 (or any other m43 camera) by doing one of two simple things.

1) Turn the camera to vertical position.


2) Reverse pan, i.e. swing the camera as you take the shot so as to keep the image centered in the viewfinder (and more importantly, on the sensor).

Actually, you should do both since if you turn the camera to a vertical position the image will be stretched or compressed, depending on which way up your turn the camera.

These are matters that pertain to any camera with ANY focal plan shutter. Check it on Wikipedia.

The best examples were back st the beginning of recorded time (i.e. just before I was born 70 years ago) when 5x7 plate camera with giant lenses and slow, slow vertical running focal plane shutters were the order of the day for sports events. Slow in traverse speed, that is.

You could also try shooting at a realistic shutter speed for 300mm. That speed would be about 1/1000~1/1500 minimum when you are standing still in a braced position. The Panny OIS will let you go to half or a quarter of this, perhaps.

But when you add in the car's speed plus vibration and your unstable position, you are asking the impossible.

If you want to take such pix from moving cars, get yourself a cheap P&S; you are never going to get good quality pix even with the best quality gear around as you have amply demonstrated with your example taken with the G6 -- which is top quality.

aroundomaha wrote:

I bought it and returned it. I loved the features, even the form factor but thought there was an odd noise factor that bugged me.

At odd times I would see what personally seemed like strong image degradation due to noise that I never felt was there with my GH2.

One other odd thing was it seemed like there was rolling shutter distortion. This may sound odd to some but I find myself shooting from a car a fair amount. When shooting with a fairly long focal length (a Nikon 75-150mm lens in my case) there was what I can best describe as a rolling shutter "leaning" geometry to straight lines.

This was 1/640 shutter speed the car I was a passenger in was moving at about 40 mph. It was at 300mm focal length. I found this behavior consistent.

I really did like the camera but found odd quirks that took away from my enjoyment.

Cheers, geoff

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