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brownei wrote:

Whoops; Like a dumby I posted this in Panasonic compact section yesterday. Mods welcome to removed it

I would really appreciate thoughts from those who have (or had) or have used the panasonic G6

Why did you choose it or didn't buy it?

Yep; seriously thinking about it to replace the Canon 5d11. It looks on paper to be a good mate for the FZ200 with a very similar lay out. Thinking atm of no zooms and only one or two prime lenses

And why replace the 5D? Just don't use it.....was bought as a work camera for need for large wall photos these days......the lumix 200 does all I want although I do like the one camera/one [prime] lens thing. Was thinking about a Fuji x100 but not sure the 35mm only would suit me where as I can add lenses to the G6 system if get carried away.

I returned mine after opening the box and holding the camera.  Looks great in images I had seen of it, but the (too) small form factor and cheap construction is what caused me to not even charge the battery.  I was hoping for a mini digital Leica R8, and what I got looked and felt like it belonged in a toy store.  Just because it wasn't for me doesn't mean it won't be for you or others though.

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