Why Scott Kelby really switched to Canon

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Re: It a big business

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In the long run there will be more pros using Canon than Nikon. I will remain a Nikon shooter as all my lenses are Nikon and I am very pleased with my D4 and D3s.

What percent of camera users are pros?

The percentage of users is one thing, the money spent is another. The pro market is a big business for Nijkon and Canon, that is why they spend so much money on support, marketing, R&D and brings out exotic lenses that few amateurs can afford like the new Canon 200-400 or Nikons 800 5.6

How big and how profitable? While there will always be a professional market, there have been a number of observations that demand for professional services that require exotic equipment is declining.

I don't have any numbers, only common observation, contact with reps etc. A pro camera cost 10x as much as the low end. A pro set with 3 Nikon D4 bodies, 14-24, 24-70,70-200 and 200-400 and 600 mm(which is a set I know is used by a photo agency) costs ....a lot.

Its very possible demand is going down because of the general depression in media.

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