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Re: holding me back

Doctor Lecter wrote:

taken with gear that is "holding me back"

So far, there's absolutely nothing I can't capture with my E-30, or even with my ancient E-1. New gear will do very little for your photography, if anything at all. It's kind of like saying: "if Hemingway would have had a word processor instead of a typewriter, I bet he'd have written some even better stories."

I have gear lust the same way that every other modern photographer does, but I'm not going to kid myself and say that my gear is holding me back. It isn't.

In fact, yesterday, when I was walking through a local park taking pics of birds, I passed a Canon-guy with a huge body, HUGE lens, tripod, etc. Were his pictures any better than my E-30 and 70-300mm hand-held?

Maybe. Maybe not. But I was certainly enjoying my walk a lot more. He looked pretty weighed down

What about an event or wedding photographer who has to take shots in all kinds of light? What about a street photographer who likes capturing during the night?
To get Excellent results or even to capture certain scenarios. . .4/3's wouldn't be the right tool. For many it's not gear lust, it's more about using the right tool. I can understand if your gear doesn't limit you but it's also easy to think that it can be quite the limitation for someone else no?
I mean I would think people would find this pretty logical and easy to understand but I just don't see why it's constantly brought up!

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Photographer first, gear second

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