Another bad K-3, what is with this.

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Re: Hahahahahahahaha!!!

awaldram wrote:
The focus point is half the size the af twice as fast your more likley to miss your target in aps-s and many more in aps-c.

So if you currently shooting portraits with an incorrect focal/distance you will now have soft eyes as previously the large sensor couldn't see eyes or nose but the k3 can so focuses on the nose.

Of cause all hypothetical and I think if you have good technique many potential issues vanish, But I consider myself an above average technical photographer yet I was caught out.

Thanx, that is an important difference.

I try to stay aware of the focus point size, as I have done such misses before. Personally I consider AF a necessary evil. It is quite hard for AF to decide what I want to be sharp. There is also a risk with K-5's larger AF point to lock on the nose, where with the smaller one in K-3 I might be able to catch the eyes only. Hmmm ... maybe using more focus points and using eye detection is the solution.

I am not all that good at C focus, so I avoid it. Maybe should practice, sometimes things are moving. Have not owned any camera where C AF really works though. If I get K-3, that might be the first.

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