How/Why you started in Photography

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Henry Falkner
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I never knew why

I started with a Kodak Starflash when I was 16. I still have the prints.

I progressed through a 35mm rangefinder camera, then a DSLR. I did photo tech in London and became a colour photographic technician. My DSLR got stolen, so I stuck to Instamatics for a few years.

Getting sick of my job I dropped photography altogether for a few years. I started again with a Canon QL-17 rangefinder camera, for a 5 month trip through the US, Britain and my native Switzerland (the albums still exist). Then came a succession of three all-in-one motorised 35mm 3x zoom SLRs. I still own the Olympus IS-1000 and IS-2000 (which has a film in it).

Digital came in 1998 with a Chinon ES 1000 (built in memory but no LCD and an optical tunnel viewfinder). A year later came the Olympus C-1400L as a digital work-alike for the 35mm Olympus IS-2000.

Since then I have stuck with the same concept - do the same jobs as the 35mm IS-2000, with a minimum 3x zoom but preferably bigger. I still own the Olympus D-490, Stylus 800 and SP-570UZ.

Now I can do video and shoot stills at the same time with the 24x zoom Olympus SZ-30MR and its current refinement, the SH-50. The latter I regard as the most versatile camera I have ever owned.


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