Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

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Re: Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

NathanCrisman wrote:

Checking/not checking the effects of aperture and shutter speed on the recording screen

[MENU]>[Custom]>[Constant Preview]>[ON]/[OFF] • Close the flash.

• It can only be used with Manual Exposure Mode.

This makes sense, since Shutter and aperture priority are designed to keep exposure even or "true". The exception would be if you dial in - or + exposure comp, it would be nice if it reflected that but i would assume if a person were doing that , they would know they wanted it and might not need a preview. In manual mode it gives you a way to gauge exposure without having to look at numbers instead of the scene.

also..... Looks like no Auto ISO when in Manual Exposure mode. Huh. Strange.

This is normal for a lot of brands, although i don't know why. One thing Pentax owners love is TaV mode, which is manual mode with auto ISO. Other brands like Sony don't offer it, and it is a sore issue for them.

im sold. Would like to find a store that has these in stock to go play with.

Good luck, it's also the camera im picking up in a week or so. A few more things that i found useful but are not usually mentioned about the camera. It is rated at -4EV for low light AF, which is somewhere around starlight, although a few lenses can hurt this number (the 30mm F1.7 i hear is poor in low light AF). You also get the electronic shutter feature with Panasonic which is useful in some situations. Flash sync on the GX7 is 1/320 which is above average. Peaking also works in video, and video IQ is of course excellent. Video also has ETC mode.

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