D800 Autofocus issues II

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Re: D800 Autofocus issues II

150 threads and still people chiming in. olyflyer, I need to respond to what you have been saying but the thread is maxed so here I go. Listen, at the end of the day your posts say you don't have the issue. I am very glad. I wish I were one of the lucky ones. However, doesn't mean it is very real for many of us. Simply far too much smoke and noise about this issue for it to only exist on a couple of cameras. Most just don't know about it due to not having f/1.4 glass, using it at f/4 or using it in only great contrasty light all of the time. *For more info see first thread.

Hey bud I sold mine 2 d800s 2 years ago to pick 2 d4s and could not be happier. Yes my 2 D800s had big time issues for me with any of my f1.4 lenses. I wanna actually pick up now a brand new D800 E but if the issue still exists I would pass

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