EXR Confusion not fully resolved

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empirical observation versus dissertation and hair splitting ...

Timur Born wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

Yes, it's from Fujifilm's website, but I'm sure that you know that it's wrong. Who do you think created that? Fuji's engineers or someone in Fuji's marketing department, trying to keep from confusing potential customers that are familiar with megapixel sensors but wouldn't know what to make of megaphotosite sensors?

The image was an example of how the word "pixel" is used for sensor photosites, I choose a Fujifilm one, because it fits the topic. You could try googling how much of the web writes "pixels" when they mean a sensor's photosites. Here is a white-paper by Aptina where "pixels" is used, too.


Like I wrote myself, it does cause confusion and is a matter of definition, but it's not like everyone else here has to follow your personal definition.

Long winded dissertations and hair splits have proven over the years to have essentially no illustrative value. And it has become blindingly obvious that no one on this forum really knows as much about how EXR works as they think they know.

Thus, some of us shoot these cameras very well based on empirical observation of results instead ...

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