Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor.

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Kiril Karaatanasov Senior Member • Posts: 2,080

Strange my zeiss 35/2.8 seems to perform very well. I do not get much flare with it let alone any reflections...

note that the pictures was taken through hotel window so perhaps some of the effects come from it.

I do see some flares in some of the lights. Really not much out of ordinary.

Also the sensor itself cannot do flares. This is complete non-sense. Light cannot be curved or bent. Light can be reflected off of reflective surface.

More likely there is something else in the box that is causing internal reflections. With adapted lenses the adapter is to be checked first.

With native lenses it may be that Sony have left behind some reflective surface on the shutter mechanism or something.

Also it is possible that we see lens defects on the 35/2.8

Just please stop the sensor flare non-sense.

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