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K E Hoffman wrote:

webrunner5 wrote:

The "I need a new camera every 6 months" nervous nellies on this forum.. think every e-mount offering means their mount is dead... and some of us get tired of it.. so I think he was putting some Irony on the idea that the A7 is no replacement for even his A77 is so many ways.. but some of that is the way the review was written.

In digital, I am thinking that the term "frame size" is almost irrelevant except maybe for pixel size vs noise issues. In other words, I already have a 24mp camera. THAT is my frame size. Olympus owners probably feel the same way with their little sensors.

We've got to be careful with sweeping statements about frame size. You just might have a Zeiss lens on an APS-C camera beating a lesser lens on a full frame.

Anyway, all the processing program knows is that it is a 24mp image.

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