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Re: Me too..unfortunately

JaviB wrote:

ttan98 wrote:

I cannot buy a reasonable high quality Zoom lens(18-55mm) and/or 24mm at a reasonable price which is say around $500-$750.

Both Zeiss 16-70mm and 24mm are both close to $1,000 that's too expensive for me.

Yeah, you're right! I'm in the same boat. With those two lenses I'd be done, but they are way too expensive for me. Until I win the lottery, I'm surviving with the kit lens plus Sigma 30mm.

With the skill you demonstrate, those expensive lenses would not likely provide a giant improvement in your images. You're not "surviving" - you're thriving.

Bad carpenters blame their lack of better tools. Poor photographers think better lenses will improve their photos.

It's always Sony's fault. Your images show how silly they are. They aren't showing us what they can do with what they have. You do - brilliantly.

Thanks a lot for your words! They make me feel proud and stay motivated to take pictures with the equipment I have.

Not all my pictures are good obviously, we tend to post our best. I love photography and to read about it. However in forums it is easy to end reading almost exclusively about the latest camera models, or what's even worse, the one that will be released in the next month's or years.

Then you start to feel that your camera is outdated, but... When suddenly you happen to take a great picture and people congrat you for it... You think... OK, what's the difference between my good and my bad pictures? My camera doesn't change from a day to another, neither the lenses... So... It's all about composition, using illumination cleverly , inspiration...

If you can take a good picture with your gear, you can take more! I think that what makes you remember a shot is not extreme sharpness, neither ultra narrow depth of field... It is your ability to take that shot with specific illumination circumstances and a camera with certain limitations.

Obviously you need a minimum of quality in our cameras, but all of our NEXs are more than enough! There is a lot of heated debate saying that the A7 is not really a very good camera... Have we gone mad? It is one of the best cameras in history!! (just because is a very recent model and technology doesn't stop improving).

Improving our photographer skills is much more fun and cheap than buying new cameras or very expensive lenses and have a greater impact on our pictures!

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