Another bad K-3, what is with this.

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Re: Hahahahahahahaha!!!

Midwest wrote:

When the camera requires more know-how than the user has, funny how 90% of the time 'there is something wrong with the camera'.

I think when you increase resolution, half AF sensor size, Increase AF speed and throw in a number of tracking options the recipe is there for many to not know how to use the camera (myself included)

The issue is what comes next after finding problems , I find it very interesting the first defence following disclosure is ' I've been shooting xxx years I know what I'm doing'

But given the camera is very new there is no way 'I know what I'm doing' and the assertion they do is almost (as someone else pointed out) proof in itself.

I read many 'reports' and see the flaw in 'the test' but don't bother pointing them out these days as the people don't want to hear it and in reality I couldn't care less if someone I don't know is giving them-self a world of frustration and doesn't want help.

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