Another bad K-3, what is with this.

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Re: Here we go again ...

Cane wrote:

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

OP of three posts only, one in Pentax SLR forum to 'complain' about the K-3 and/or his/hers lack of patience:

  • To read similar posts posted here before and many resolutions from people who were more studious and patient in understanding the K-3
  • To justify his/her own worth by respecting other people's time
  • Not to unnecessarily start rampages, and endless repetitions of same ill-conclusions about the worth of photography equipment purchased
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Zvonimir Tosic
“A portrait is not made in the camera, but on either side of it.”
— Edward Steichen

Is there an English translation of this?

Yes, there is is translation. It's called Fanboy of the year. Look at his history and Zvonimir character has a history of posting these stupid messages in any thread that he perceives is negative for Pentax.

He himself still uses old K-7

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