Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: Some test data for my fellow camera nerds...

Mr Sincere wrote:

I didn't have an interest in enabling a 1/8 second delay as that wouldn't work for most of my real world shooting.

It's an excellent control though. If you shoot an extended series of shots both with and without an anti-shock delay enabled, and consistently observe superior maximum sharpness in the images in the former category, particularly if this tendency holds strongly across multiple test sessions, then you have the sort or empirical evidence that can't reasonably be attributed to some other factor.

This is what I observe with my E-M5, and more recently (although to a somewhat lesser degree) with a new GX7, at least with the Pany 45-150 and Oly 75-300 II anyway. The control with the GX7 is the electronic shutter of course, rather than an anti-shock delay.

I have to say though that it surprises me that shutter shock can be so pronounced at shorter focal lengths, as most of the time I find the effect to be quite subtle even with super telephoto lenses. Sometimes however, when I'm trying to shoot a bird high up in a tree and can't steady my arms against my body as much as I'd normally like to, I'll get ghosting in every single shot. So technique obviously makes a difference. But if you can get sharp shots with some other camera in the same sort of situation with the same technique at the same shutter speed, at even longer effective focal lengths (which I definitely can), shutter shock is a significant problem nonetheless.  In other words, having to be more careful, and declaring troublesome shots that require less than perfect technique off-limits, doesn't make it a non-issue.  This seems to be what you've found as well.

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