Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

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Re: Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

NathanCrisman wrote:

Reading the user manuals for g6 and gx7...they are rather "dumbed down". No mention of touchscreen use for focus point movement while EFV is used. Also no real info on EVF gain.

You need to download the FULL user manual.

The GX7 (and, I believe) the G6 do let you adjust the focus point with your finger on the LCD while the EVF is on. None of the Olys do that. In the Panasonic, in manual mode, you can use something called "Constant Preview" to show you true WYSIWYG as you are shooting. In the rest of the shooting modes, you can have a Fn button assigned to "Preview", and pushing it will do true WYSIWYG for the scene. (User manual P 37 in the short manual (link attached; or P97 in the long manual, which others have previously linked to ). To be honest with you, I found both the Oly and Panasonic application of gain to be very natural, and I can usually use the screen or LCD successfully to get a pretty good idea of what the image exposure will look like without having to hit the preview button almost all of the time. They've both done a very good job with the functional interface of their screens representing what actually gets recorded in the files.

You can set a button to select the ISO (I think the Panasonics assign one of the four-way controller selection positions to ISO already) and use a dial or the four way controller to change it in the Olys and the Panasonics (I have been able to do that on all the cameras I have had of both brands from the GF3 forward). I usually set one of the four way controller buttons for it, but you can set other ones if you prefer. This works slightly differently in both brands, but gives you the same level of control after you get it set up the way you want, in both.

The Panasonic has a one step recenter capability for the center box, the Oly's is not quite as straightforward, but is not complicated.

From your requirements, I think the GX7 will be the very best match to what you are looking for. It sounds like it will do just about everything you want, and eliminate most of the frustrations you are having with the UI of the Nikon system.


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