Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor.

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Take this back... sensor covering too reflective?

viking79 wrote:

The lens likely wasn't designed for highly reflective digital sensors so you get a lot of reflections off the sensor. Newer lenses have better coatings on the rear elements to kill these off.

I notice the same BTW.

Those reflections are not adapter issues, they look like light hitting the sensor then hitting the rear element of the lens, then hitting the sensor, etc.


I take this back, it appears to be reflections off or internal to the filter stack? This is definitely a sensor issue, I just figured it was flare from the FE 35mm f/2.8 when I tried it. I commented on this in my review last month.

What makes me change my mind is a lens that is fine on the D610 or something should be the same on the A7, if putting it on the A7 causes those patterns (and they really don't appear adapter related) but putting it on the A7r with the same adapter (or non adapted FE 35mm) and they go away?  That is the filter stack or sensor itself.

If this is from the A7 it won't change my usage of it, but it does give a good reason to get the A7r instead (if you take night cityscape photos or landscapes with the sun in the frame).


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