Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

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Re: Convince me to jump ship Nikon V1 to M4/3!

NathanCrisman wrote:

The Jacal wrote:

What about the V2? Seems like a nice bit of kit.

Before selling your current gear, get a G5, nice cam, inexpensive, see how you like it and go from there.

[edit] Also, Steve Huff loves both the V1 and M4/3, but I think I remember seeing on one of his reviews that if he had to choose only one, it wouldn't be the '1'.

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The V2 fixes a few of my control gripes, but:

still no commander mode for off-camera flash.

EVF has auto-adjust gain, can't turn that off

No setting adjustments for auto-ISO rules

no focus peaking, histogram, or clipping point in live view.

I would be investing $700 on a body that adds no new features or functionality, to get a few quirks fixed.

My main, main, honest reason for contemplating a brand switch is that I don't believe Nikon is going to add the lenses I want (fast tele zoom, fisheye, macro) nor any off-camera-flash ability to the 1series. I fear the system is static. As of right now, there are so many times when I wish I had the functionality of my ok'd pro gear (D3, sb800's, f2.8 zooms, 100mm macro, ect).

The Nikon 1 sole purpose is to prevent the mirrorless market becoming a greater threat to their DSLR. It's only there to nab a lot of people who want to upgrade from P&S but don't feel like getting a DSLR and for those who wishing to downsize their camera system. As it stand Nikon 1 isn't a threat to the entry DSLR market but M43 is and NIkon 1 is stealing some of M43 market share.

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