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Re: Insurance type 4

BAK wrote:

I had to leave the previous post before I got to item four --

You might count extended warranties on cameras, lenses, computers, flash units, etc. as "insurance."

Depending on where you buy your equipment, you'll have a variety of kinds of warranties that extend past the manufacturers' range, some for extra fees and some built into the price.

We bought a couple of computers HP computers before Christmas from Costco, a month apart. HP had a special offer a week after we bought the first one, and Costco gave us a refund.

We bought a second identical computer, and its 2wsx keys stopped working within a week. HP said it would send us a carton, and we could send it to HP for a free repaid. But Costco had a deal where we could return a computer anytime within 90 days for any purpose, so we took it back to Costco and got our money back, and then bought the same computer all over again.

For both computers we bought a $100 plan that replaces the computer if it is dropped, stolen, destroyed by spilled coffee, etc.

And both computers include free telephone help if we can't make the computer do what we want, and we've used this service a couple of times already.

I know that many pros buy extended warranties on camera bodies, but skip lenses.


BAK has brought up many important issues.   One common thread is that they are all business decisions that need to be made.  Choose wisely, and your business has a higher chance of being successful.

Another common thread, is that none of these decisions are specific to photography.  Questions of buy vs. Lease, insurance vs. risk, marketing, accounting, taxes, etc. are decisions that are applicable to almost any business.

If you want to be successful as a business, you need to learn business.

I know a number of local photographers who make a reasonable living off their photography.  Their skills are merely OK, but they are young, female, beautiful and flirt a lot.   They have no trouble shooting events for local clubs.  The clubs are happy with the results as they don't know any better.

The bottom line is that these photographers are commercially successful because of their marketing strategy not their photographic skills.  Their marketing strategy is that they get hired as the clients hope to get a chance to sleep with the photographer.   These girls get jobs that I couldn't possibly get, no matter how good I was as a photographer.

it's a mistake to assume that a successful photography business is somehow tied to having good photographic skills.   In reality it's all about marketing and people skills.

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