Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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Re: Shutter Shock - Sony FF A7R

Anders W wrote:

Hopefully and probably we will eventually see a "global electronic shutter", i.e., one that can complete reset and readout for the entire frame fast enough to completely replace the mechanical shutter. In the short run, however, I think the most realistic hope is a shutter with an electronic first curtain, such as those already available on some Sony and Canon cameras.

With such a shutter, the two first phases of shutter action on a mirrorless camera (or a DSLR in live view) can be eliminated (shutter closing to reset the sensor, shutter opening for exposure) so that only the two last ones remain (shutter closing for readout, shutter opening to resume live view). Based on the tests I have seen, such a shutter comes close to completely eliminating the shutter shock issue.

baby steps  

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