Comparing Olympus 4/3lenses to FX "Full Frame" offerings

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totally wrong

Do you think a F2.8 cell phone lens, the size of a thimble, is equal to a F2.0 M43rds lens? A F2.8 cell phone photo, taken at the same exposure and ISO, will give the same quality as a M43rds photo?

Do you really think a smaller, cheaper, and lighter M43ds lens got that way for free, with no sacrifice, just because the designers are so clever in violating the rules of physics? That the extra glass does nothing for performance?

F-stop is a NORMALIZED number, normalized to the sensor size. And with half the sensor size, you have half the lens size, half the total light, and the associated degradation in noise and image quality.

With HALF the sensor, you have HALF the lens diameter (for the same F-stop,) with FOUR times less total light to work with. And my friend, four time less light is a Really Big Deal in photography, because light is what makes it happen.

A telescope with f/4.6 mirror would be considered a fast scope (usually anything under f/6 is called fast). All those astronomers, going for those big telescopes to pick up faint stars, with the slow F-stops. The Hubble telescope is around F24. How can that be, when the lens is so huge and designed to gather light?

All systems have about the same quality per sensor area. But a larger sensor has more area, and so has more total quality. That's just common sense.

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