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Al Downie wrote:

Hi Stuart,

when I owned my D600, that would have been first up for shooting sports as opposed to the D800E.

So - this is the key statement for me. On paper the D800e has a much more sophisticated AF system, which I assume would result in fewer mis-focussed shots while tracking fast-moving action. Why then would you leave that camera on the shelf and take the D600 with it's cut-down AF system?

I don't mind a slow and deliberate post-processing workflow, but I don't want to disadvantage myself with a camera whose handling or performance is somehow compromised by its other features.

Because the only real world difference between the two AF systems I noticed was in the size of the AF point area. In fact, on the central group, the AF of the D600 felt more positive and less hesitant.

This isn't just about AF - the fact I can consistently get sharp shots in lower light than the D800E also plays into this equation.

Don't discount how long it takes to PP the files either. I could cope with spending longer working on the files to get them right. But waiting for the computer to "think" every time anything happens is painful. Also, bear in mind the size of a 36mp tiff (I've just found a 217mb example I created from a 38mb NEF), which is what the computer generates if you use a plug in (like NIK efex etc) which can really slow your processing workflow to a crawl.

That isn't to say the D800/E is terrible, far from it. But it isn't a panacea either.

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